Negotiating the Offer

   Most offers to purchase your house will require some level of negotiating in order to reach a win-win agreement. It is critical that you be well versed on the legalities of the real estate contract. The Somerset Alliance L.L.C. will review the written offer with you to make sure you thoroughly understand not only the legal issues, but the contract basics. These basics include what each contract clause means to you and your buyer, what you will net from the sale of your home, and what areas in the contract are more easily negotiated. Some of the things that you may negotiate are:

      1. The price
      2. Financing
      3. Closing costs
      4. Repairs that need to be done
      5. Appliances and fixtures
      6. Landscaping
      7. Painting
      8. Occupancy time frame

   To really gain some insight into why potential buyers are pursuing the purchase of your house and how they might proceed in the negotiations, it is important to know as much about the buyer as possible, especially their motivation for buying.

   The Somerset Alliance L.L.C. will represent you through the offer, negotiation, and acceptance process. It is our primary responsibility to protect your best interest throughout these negotiations.

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