Pre-Close Preparation

   A few days before the closing The Somerset Alliance L.L.C. will make sure that all parties have done what they need to do so that the closing can proceed at the set date and time. We will also review the HUD-1 Settlement statement with you as soon as possible (preferably 48 hours) before closing. This will show you all financial items and eliminate surprises at the closing table. We will continuously contact the title company or lawyer who is handling the closing to be sure that all of the necessary forms and documents have been prepared and are going to be available to sign on the appropriate date. It would be a shame to get this close to selling and have the deal fall through because of a document not being at the right place at the right time.

   At this time you should begin to make arrangements for your upcoming move if you have not done so. Check out our Relocation Wizard to get started.

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